Wheat Ridge Car Accident Leaves 2 Teenagers Dead and 2 Others Severely Injured – Wheat Ridge Car Accident Attorney

Being a responsible driver is important no matter what age you are. Receiving your license at age 16 is an exciting mile stone to achieve but the seriousness of the occasion should also be considered. According to 9 News, a fatal car accident left two teenagers dead and two others seriously injured. Around 2:30a.m. on Sunday morning, a SUV with the four teenagers inside missed a sharp turn on Twilight Drive near 26th Avenue and Kipling Street in Wheat Ridge. The missed turn caused the vehicle to become air borne before ending upside down in a tree. All four teenagers were wearing seat belts but the wreck proved too severe and the two passengers in the front seats were pronounced dead. The other two passengers were taken to local hospitals. The accident is still under investigation but it is suspected that speeding is a factor leading up to the accident. It is also being determined if alcohol was a factor as well due to reports of these teenagers last being seen at a party where alcohol had been served. Lakewood and Wheat Ridge high schools will be providing grief counselors for peers of the two students that died in this tragic accident.

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The MADD.org website addresses the reasons behind the legal drinking age being 21 through research which shows that young people react differently to alcohol. Teens tend to get drunk twice as fast as adults due to being more likely to binge drink, but also have more trouble knowing when to stop. Drinking and driving is unacceptable behavior and being aware of this could save lives.

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