Walk Signals Will Give More Time For Pedestrain Crossing In Denver


Walk signals in Denver will soon last longer, giving pedestrians more time to cross streets, according to CBS Denver. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, a federal guideline that is used by many federal and state agencies in deigning traffic control devices, has been updated to suggest that pedestrians should be given 3.5 feet per second to cross streets rather than the current 4 feet per second that is the standard. The flashing red hand on a walk signal is designed to last long enough for someone who has already begun to cross the street to get across safely. The amount of time that this signal flashes will be increased. However, since each intersection is a slightly different size, each traffic signal has to be adjusted manually, and the process is expected to take several months to complete.

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The number of pedestrian collisions in traffic has risen dramatically recently, and the city has been looking for ways to alleviate that problem. With the belief that many people are not able to get across streets in the amount of time that is currently allotted by walk signals, the federal guideline increase hopefully will lead to fewer accidents as lights change color with pedestrians still trying to get across the street. Denver personal injury attorneys have seen an increase not only in the number of accidents involving pedestrians, but also in the number of fatalities, and the number of drive-offs by cars.

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