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CBS News has reported about a dangerous highway accident on Thursday evening, that closed all lanes of traffic along Interstate 25. The accident occurred on an on-ramp to southbound I-25 at 144th Avenue and quickly intensified when it moved onto the highway. While entering the highway via the on-ramp, a Toyota Tacoma truck lost control due to some icy patches on the road. The truck slid across all three lanes of the Interstate before finally colliding with the center median. This impact caused the truck’s topper as well as pieces of the concrete median to fly into the northbound lanes of the highway. The passengers of the truck suffered minor injuries. The debris hit three other vehicles during the accident but no injuries were reported. Officials investigated the scene and cleared the debris before reopening the highway around 9pm.

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Utilizing safe driving behaviors during and after inclement weather is recommended in order to keep yourself and others on the road safe from dangerous highway accidents. Winter road conditions often leave ice or black ice that can be very difficult to see while driving. When temperatures dip after a storm, there is bound to be left over ice on the roads.

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