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Left over snow and ice on residential and side roads can be extremely dangerous, especially with more snow and cold weather in the forecast. According to 9 News, a vehicle lost control on some ice in a Lakewood neighborhood and hit three young pedestrians. Witnesses claim that the entire street is covered with sheets of ice and when the car attempted to stop, it slid and jumped the curb. The three pedestrians were rushed to a nearby hospital with severe injuries. The police are still investigating the accident but they believe the car did not realize the street was a dead end forcing it to stop suddenly. There are no signs in the area signaling a dead end. All thoughts and concerns go out to the victims and their families for a full recovery.

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With all the recent snow and no where to put it, many just shoveled it in the streets that were not being plowed. Many side streets went unplowed after numerous snow storms that eventually accumulated into sheets of patchy ice, making it very difficult to drive on. With more snow inevitably on its way this winter, make sure to drive carefully when any amount of snow or ice is on the ground.

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