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Three Pedestrians Injured Due to Icy Roads | Lakewood Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Left over snow and ice on residential and side roads can be extremely dangerous, especially with more snow and cold weather in the forecast. According to 9 News, a vehicle lost control on some ice in a Lakewood neighborhood and hit three young pedestrians. Witnesses claim that the entire street is covered with sheets of […]

Harsh Weather Creates Many Traffic Accidents | Front Range Car Crash Lawyer

Denver Car Accident Lawyer

The local news station of 9 News reported that Wednesday’s snow storm brought a lot of slow moving traffic and traffic accidents as well as low temperatures and snow. Many morning commuters were backed up for hours on their drive to work during the mild January snowfall. There were various accidents and pile ups on […]

Fatal Prison Van Rollover Accident | Colorado Rollover Crash Attorney

Rollover crashes are extremely dangerous and often fatal due to the unpredictable force it has on the passengers in the vehicle. Single car rollover accidents may happen for many different reasons such as distracted driving, fatigued driving, or even inclement weather. According to Fox 31 News, a prison transportation van carrying nine prisoners and two […]

Tips on Vehicle Maintenance in Freezing Temps. | Denver Car Crash Attorney

Denver Car Accident Lawyer

Coloradans are well aware of the unpredictability of the weather, especially in winter months. Because of this fact, it is imperative that good vehicle maintenance and driving skills be utilized when the temperatures begin to dip. The local station of 9 News has reported tips on maintaining your automobile’s performance in freezing temperatures in order […]