One Woman Died In Accident With A Semi-Truck


One woman died and three were injured in a collision with a semi-truck on I-70 near Glenwood Canyon, according to CBS Denver. The car apparently crossed the center line and hit the semi head-on. The driver was killed, and the three passengers, a man, a woman, and a child, were transported to Vail Valley Medical Center. The child then had to be flown to a hospital in Denver for further treatment. Both the car and the truck caught fire, and the highway had to be closed while the accident was cleaned up. In addition to the other damage, about 100 gallons of fuel that leaked onto the roadway from the truck had to be cleaned up.

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Each year, there are over 5 million car accidents across the United States. In most of these crashes, there is only property damage, and no one is injured. Unfortunately, there are over a million accidents annually in which people are hurt, and over 30,000 fatal collisions. A significant number of these crashes are the result of at least one driver not paying attention to the road. Especially when driving in an area, like on switchback roads in the mountains, where it is only possible to see a certain distance down the road, it is vital to be focused on the task at hand at all times while driving.

Speak with an experienced Denver auto accident lawyer immediately to discuss your options if you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a car crash. If the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover financial compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering that result from that negligence. The aftermath of a serious car accident can be extremely costly, far exceeding the policy limits of a car insurance policy. A Greeley car accident attorney can help protect your and your family, and ensure your rights. For more information, speak with an experienced Pueblo personal injury lawyer today.

Civil Union Raises Points About Finances Of Both Partners


An opinion piece printed in the Denver Post about civil union raises some good points about the legal issues related to both marriage and civil union that people sometimes neglect to consider. The piece, which came shortly after civil unions became legal for same sex couples, discusses the legal aspects of civil union that affect the finances of both partners in the union should the relationship fail. For example, if one partner brings a home into the union, the other partner is entitled to the part, usually half, of the appreciation in the value of the home. If the partner who owns the home adds his or her partner’s name to the title, then the home becomes equally the property of the union. This means that in the event of a divorce, each partner will likely be entitled to half the value of the home.

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Colorado has joined the growing list of states that offer same sex couple a way to have their commitment legally recognized. Not surprisingly, a very large number of couple took advantage of that, joining together in civil unions in the first days that the law was in effect. It is important to recognize that when entering either a marriage or a civil union, you are entering into a legal contract. As such, it is wise to ensure that you fully understand the ramifications of entering into that contract. Obviously, there are no statistics on the divorce for same-sex couples, but a very high percentage of marriages end in divorce. It is reasonable to expect that some same sex civil unions will end in divorce as well. Additionally, an experienced Dripping Springs estate planning attorney can help you understand how this major life change will affect your future planning.

Speak with an experienced Centennial family law attorney today to discuss your options if you are considering . There are a great many factors that you need to consider and understand. It is vital to recognize that because a civil union is very similar to a marriage, ending a civil union is very similar to ending a marriage. It is also vital to go into the civil union with as much information as possible. An experienced Denver family lawyer can make sure that you understand the legal aspects of what you are getting into. For more information, speak with an experienced Colorado family law firm today.

3-Alarm Fire


7 News reports on a 3-alarm fire that burned several units in an apartment building in fort Collins. The Buffalo Run Apartments, at Lincoln Avenue and Lemay Avenue were damaged in a fire that was first reported just before 4:00 in the morning. Poudre Fire Authority Captain Patrick Love says that no injuries have been reported, but the initial cause of the fir is unclear. A structural engineer has been asked to examine the burn zone in an effort to help the Poudre Fire Authority in its investigation of the fire’s origin. More than 40 fire fighters were called out that morning to fight the blaze.

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The National Fire Protection Association reports that the most common causes of apartment fires are related to gas or electric appliances. We certainly like to think that most fires are simply accidents, but the fact is that many of these accidents are entirely preventable. A tenant in another apartment may be leave the oven on when they go on vacation. A maintenance or repair worker may be careless in his or her work on the boiler or furnace. The building’s owner may simply ignore necessary maintenance concerns regarding gas appliances. The damage caused, or property lost can cause serious financial problems, causing the victim to need Denver debt management assistance. Any of these things may leave these people open to liability if their actions cause a fire which injures or kills others, or causes major property damage.

Contact an experienced Denver premise liability attorney today to discuss your options if you believe that someone else’s negligence caused you or a loved one physical injury or death. You may be entitled to financial compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering that result from the negligent party’s reckless actions. Many Denver and Greeley personal injury lawyers work on a contingent fee basis, which means that you pay a fee only after your attorney successfully recovers compensation for you. For more information, speak with a Denver personal injury lawyer today.

Questioning The Validity Of DNA Evidence


Attorneys for the 18-year-old accused of kidnapping and killing Jessica Ridgeway have called into question the validity of DNA evidence offered by the prosecution, according to 9 News. Attorneys for Austin Sigg became aware of three internal contamination memos within the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and have asked that those memos be made available to them in discovery. The judge has ruled that they should be allowed to see some of the documentation in order to prepare their defense for their client. The memos do not necessarily indicate that the DNA evidence was contaminated, but they indicate the possibility that there may have been a problem, and the defense believes that they should have the opportunity to investigate that possibility.

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Each year, roughly a quarter of a million people are arrested in Colorado, for crimes ranging from curfew violations and loitering to rape and murder. Each of the people who is arrested has a different story and a different background. Many of them committed a crime, and many of them were arrested for a crime that they did not commit. Every single one of them has one extremely important thing in common: every one of them has the right, under the United States Constitution, to be heard in court, and to represented by a knowledgeable Denver criminal defense attorney.

Speak with a Denver criminal defense attorney today if you have been accused of a crime, or even if you believe that you will be. The first step is to ensure that investigators do not infringe on your rights while investigating the crime that they think you committed. Your attorney will needs to take the specific details of your particular case and design the best possible strategy for your defense. Your future rides in the balance, it is vital that you have a Denver felony defense lawyer or Denver violent crimes defense attorney who will fight for you. For more information, speak with a criminal defense attorney in your area today.

Weather-Related Auto Accidents


A number of weather-related auto accidents resulting from the late season snow resulted in injuries, according to 9 News, although none of them appear to be life-threatening. Among the most notable accidents of the day were a crash at the interchange of I-70 and I-225 which caused the flyover ramp from westbound 70 onto 225 to be closed while the accident was cleaned up and investigated. At the interchange of I-25 and C-470, the ramp from northbound I-25 onto westbound C-470 was also closed after a collision. Police worked numerous accidents throughout the metro area, and a number of people injured in those accidents were transported to hospitals. All of those injured are expected to recover from their injuries.

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It is vitally important that every driver pay attention to their surroundings at all times, although this need is perhaps highlighted while driving in poor conditions. Snow presents the most obvious poor driving conditions, but it is always important to recognize other factors that detract from the safety of the roads. A heavy rain that causes slickness and low visibility can be every bot as hazardous as snow. Fog that reduces visibility, particularly in the dark, is a reason to slow down and be extra sharp. Here in Colorado, while driving in the mountains, there is always the possibility of poor visibility caused by smoke from a forest fire.

Contact the dedicated Denver car accident lawyers at Fuicelli & Lee, PC today to discuss your options if you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a car accident. Sometimes it is difficult to kn0ow, especially in poor conditions, whether the other driver truly was negligent. It is important to remember that driving normal highway speed on slick roads may well be considered negligent. If your accident was caused by another driver’s negligence, you a Denver personal injury attorney may be able to help you recover compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and more. In some cases, with serious, life-changing injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering in addition to the more tangible expenses of the accident. For more information, call a Colorado auto accident lawyer today.

Mandatory Minimums: More Harm Than Good?

The Denver Post reports a scathing audit of the state concerning the treatment of convicted sex offenders in the state. By statute, sex offenders in Colorado receive mandatory treatment in prison, before they can be paroled. Currently, only about one out of every six people in Colorado prisons for sex offenses are able to begin treatment. This creates a situation where numerous people who have past their original parole eligibility dates have not been able to even begin their mandatory treatment. The audit estimates that this is costing Colorado taxpayers in the vicinity of $30 million each year. The director of sexual-litigation cases for the Colorado public defender’s office has described the system as a disaster.

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Each year, around 1,000 people are arrested in Colorado for miscellaneous sex crimes: sex crimes other than forcible rape or prostitution, according to the FBI. Everyone who is arrested for one of these crimes is legally innocent until proven guilty, no matter what public opinion may say. Many of them are, in fact, innocent of the accusation. And many that made a mistake are not dangerous people. And yet all of them will be treated as a blanket sex offender. Every year, a number of people who are not dangerous will have their privacy violated by a draconian law requiring lifetime supervision for all convicted sex offenders regardless of the details of their case. You need an experienced, aggressive Colorado criminal defense attorney on your side.

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7-Yr-Old Works for Car Safety Awareness

9 News reports that child safety seat manufacturer Graco will help a little girl in her quest to get her classmates into child safety seats when riding in the car. The 7-year-old, who was hospitalized after a serious car accident, believes that her booster seat saved her life. Seeing that many of her schoolmates do not sit in booster seats in the car, she decided to try to work with her school administration to raise awareness of the importance of boosters. Graco became aware of her goal, and donated fifty new seats to the school to give to needy families, and also plans to match the donation drive that has begun.

If your child has been injured in a car accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence, contact a dedicated Denver car accident lawyer today to discuss your options.

No parent would intentionally or willingly put their child in harm’s way. However, many people either don’t know how to properly restrain their children or don’t take the time to do it. Children are also more vulnerable to injury in an accident, even if they are properly restrained. If your child has been injured because of the negligence of another driver, you may be entitled to collect financial compensation for both present and future medical bills that are related to the crash. Additionally, if your family’s quality of life is impacted long-term, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.

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Housing Growth Showing Positive Signs

Flipping houses for profit was big business a few years ago, but has slowed down significantly with the poor economy. According to a report at 9 News, the last couple of years ago, however, have seen a significant rise in the number of people who have been able to successfully make a good profit flipping houses. While the market is, of course, better in some areas than others, overall there has been major improvement in the housing market over the last two years or so. The report includes tips for people wishing to try to flip houses for profit, including focusing on areas with a strong real estate market, buying with cash if at all possible, and being prepared to hold on to a house and rent it out rather than sell it at a loss if the market turns down.

Many people, in the poor economy, have found themselves drowning in debt, and struggling to make monthly payments. Fortunately, there are a number of Colorado debt management professionals who can help you get your financial situation back under control and move on with your life. For some people, the best options to get a bad debt situation under control may be bankruptcy. Dripping Springs bankruptcy attorney R. Brian Daniel speaks about some of the myths that have been perpetuated about bankruptcy.

Whatever your financial situation, the recent upturn in the economy is good news for everyone. From homeowners who are better able to maintain their homes, or upgrade to larger homes as their families grow, to small business owners, to everyday people just going about their business. Of course, in flipping homes as in any business, there is the possibility of disputes arising. There may be a problem with a buyer or seller in a sales transaction. If upgrades are necessary, you could have a problem with a contractor. If you work with a business partner, you may find you have a dispute with your partner. In these kinds of cases, it may become necessary to speak with an experienced Denver business dispute attorney in order to protect your business and your family’s livelihood.

Rash of Denver Hit and Runs

The Denver Post reports on the rash of hit-and-run accidents that have occurred across the city this year. In about a three week period at the end of March and beginning of April, four people were killed in three hit-and-run accidents in three different parts of town. On March 27, a man was killed when hit by a car at 22nd, two young boys were killed and their mother seriously injured as they were walking at 14th and Yosemite by what the police believe was a Cadillac Escalade. 5 days later, a older man was struck by a car and killed at 14th and Kalamath. And on April 9th, a 35 year old man was killed in a crosswalk near 9th and Colorado.

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The drivers in two of these accidents were caught, and both face Colorado criminal charges. However, the driver in the first one, the one that claimed the lives of two young boys, remains unidentified. Unfortunately, there are over 30,000 people killed in car accidents each year across the country. In many cases, these accidents are caused b y the negligent or careless actions of one driver. When one driver causes an accident that results in serious injury or death, those who are injured may be entitled to file a Colorado personal injury claim, in order to recover financial compensation for medical bills, property damage, and more.

Speak with a dedicated Denver personal injury attorney immediately if you have been seriously injured, or if you have lost a loved one, in an auto accident. It is extremely important that you understand your rights. A serious car accident can result in a crippling financial burden in addition to the physical injuries and emotional trauma. Many Denver auto accident lawyers work in a contingent fee basis. This means that you only pay a fee after your attorney successfully recovers compensation for you. In this way, even those of limited means can afford a lawyer. For more information, contact a dedicated Colorado personal injury attorney today.

Opinion Piece On The Dangers Of Mandatory Minimum Sentences


Former United States Senator Robert Bennett of Utah wrote an opinion piece for the Deseret News out of Salt Lake city, in which he discusses the dangers of mandatory minimum sentences for criminal offenses. His primary point in writing the piece is that the recent trend toward involvement by the federal government in fairly common crimes that would once have been considered state or local issues, which includes the creation of mandatory sentencing laws, has had a high cost both financially and in the rights of Americans. He focuses on the idea that when a person has been convicted of a crime, the judge, who has heard all the details of that particular case, should have the discretion to decide how strict or lenient the sentence should be. With mandatory minimums, many people spend an inordinate amount of time in prison for relatively minor offenses, which Bennett believes should not have been tried in federal court in the first place, but should have been handled in state court.

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Handling federal charges requires a different set of skills and knowledge for a criminal defense attorney than a case tried by the state. It is important that your attorney understand the procedures involved in federal trials, and have experience defending people against federal criminal charges. Some Denver federal criminal defense attorneys focus on federal cases, while others handle a mixture of state and federal charges. There are benefits to either way, but it is important that you feel comfortable that your defense attorney understands the situation, and has your best interest at heart.

Contact an experienced Colorado federal criminal defense attorney today to discuss your situation if you have been charged with a federal crime, or if you believe that you may be charged. The first step is protecting your rights, and ensuring that investigators observe and respect your Constitutional rights. Your criminal defense lawyer may conduct an independent investigation, working to uncover facts that the police didn’t, or to try to come up with an alternate possibility. When it comes to criminal defense, experience is important. For more information, contact a dedicated federal criminal defense attorney in Colorado immediately to discuss your options.