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According to FOX 31 News, around 10,000 fatal DUI related crashes occurred in the year 2011. In an attempt at reducing this number, a new program aimed at lowering the number of repeat driving while drunk offenders is pairing DUI victims with people who have been arrested for DUI offenses. The Mothers Against Drunk Driving foundation is hoping that weekly seminars can reduce the likelihood of being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol a second or even third time. The benefit of having victims or family members present at these seminars will be to share stories and experiences in order to avoid future tragic accidents related to alcohol. DUI offenders are court appointed to attend these meetings and often report feeling a new connection with their hosts. These seminars are offered in both English and Spanish and will hopefully educate and minimize repeat offenses.

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Everyone must do their part to reduce tragic DUI accidents, it is never OK to drink and drive. Mothers Against Drunk Driving has reported that roughly 50-75% of convicted drunk drivers continue to drive despite possessing a suspended license. In Colorado, a shorter period of license suspension may be applied if the use of an ignition interlock is installed into your vehicle after a DUI conviction. The interlock has helped reduce DUI fatalities by nearly 30%.

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