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A motorcycle crash that was caught by a red light camera in Aurora has also caught the attention of Fox 31. A car entered the intersection, apparently without slowing down, well after the light turned red, and hit the side of a motorcycle that was crossing through the intersection on a green light. The motorcyclist, who was taken to Medical Center of Aurora, sustained several injuries in the crash, including a broken femur and a broken ankle, but appears to be all right. Dan Oates, Aurora Police Chief, has said that he hopes that the fact that this video ended up on the news helps people remember the importance of paying attention while driving. This accident could have been much worse. The driver of the car said that she was glad that the motorcyclist is okay.

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Motorcycles are popular partly because of the freedom and excitement that they inspire in many people. However, it is important that everyone, including people driving cars and trucks, remember that motorcyclists are quite vulnerable in collisions. Although driving becomes very habitual and routine, safe driving never loses its importance, and anyone would feel terrible if they caused injury to another person by being careless.

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