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As part of its continuing coverage of Tom Martino’s personal bankruptcy proceedings, the Denver Post is reporting that an airplane hangar owned by Mr. Martino is going to be sold publicly as part of the liquidation of assets. According to the report, Mr. Martino does not want to sell the the hangar, but the trustee appointed by the court, who oversees the asset liquidation, has received permission from the court to make the sale. Mr. Martino’s attorney said that a number of his debts have been settled, and believes that the sale of the hangar should not be necessary, but Judge Michael Romero has said that, because the proceedings are Chapter 7 bankruptcy and not Chapter 11, the individual does not have control over the liquidation process. Most of the debts involved resulted from real estate deals that did not come the way he had hoped with the poor economy.

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Bankruptcy is a particularly difficult area of law to understand; bankruptcy may be the best solution for growing financial problems, and a way to get a fresh start, but knowledge is key. Anyone who is considering bankruptcy needs to educate him or herself as much as possible on the alternatives, the process, and what to expect. There are a lot of myths about bankruptcy, some of which make it seem like a better option and some make it seem like a worse option than it in fact is. Anyone heading for a legal process as potentially life-changing as bankruptcy should do so with eyes open, and the best possible information about what will happen during the proceedings.  You also may be abl;e to find non-bankruptcy Colorado debt management alternatives.

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