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Financial abuse of elders is on the rise across the Unites States, according to a report by the AARP. With one study indicating elders losing at least $2.9 billion to financial exploitation in 2010,this problem is one that the government is taking seriously. The fact is, financial exploitation of the elderly is probably significantly under-reported, so that there really is no good way to know how much money elders lose annually. Secretary of Heath and Human Servuices Kathleen Sebelius has determined that under a $5.5 million grant from the Affordable Care Act, a federal elder justice coordination team will be created by a joint effort by officials from the Justice Department and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This is the first real coordinated effort by the federal government to focus on the growing problem of financial exploitation of the elderly.

Do you believe that a caregiver or someone else is taking advantage of your elder loved one’s trust? Contact an experienced Denver elder financial exploitation lawyer today.

One of the primary reasons why the elderly are so frequently victim to financial crime is probably that as people age, many people begin to struggle with mental comprehension. The fact that they sometimes have trouble understanding what is happening makes the elderly a target. There are things that you can do to try to protect your elderly family members and friends. In many cases, people are self-conscious about their aging, and don’t want to share financial information in the interest of retaining independence. Even in this case, by spending time with your family members and talking with them often about everything, you can try to ensure that they feel comfortable talking about things that concern them. Additionally, this will make it easier for you to keep tabs on who they are spending time with, and whether someone may be fostering a relationship that might have bad intentions.

If you believe that someone is taking advantage of your elder loved one, contact a dedicated Denver financial exploitation lawyer immediately. William Meyer has helped countless Colorado families to protect their loved ones from financial abuse. With years of experience, and the resources to investigate your suspicions, William, as a Denver financial exploitation lawyer,  may be able to help you protect your family. In many cases, people who are being exploited tell no one even if they realize it, because they are embarrassed or afraid of losing independence. By asking William to look into their situation, you may be not only protecting your loved one, but others in the future as well. For more informatin and a FREE CONSULTATION contact William today at The Meyer Law Firm at (303)444-1618.

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