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According to a report in The Denver Post, tests on about 1700 blood alcohol samples that were collected for drunk-driving investigations will have to be rerun by the Colorado Department of Public Health. While some Colorado law enforcement agencies do their own blood testing, and some use private labs, many agencies test samples for DUI investigation with the state lab. Last month, an independent lab found an error in the reported result on a sample from the state lab. Some investigation found that the state employee who had run the sample had neglected standard protocols, causing an incorrect result. The employee was fired a few days later, and all of his approximately 1700 samples will be retested. After about 250 retests, 10 errors have been found. It is not clear whether those errors were intentional or not.

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Already, many people question the methods that law enforcement use to investigate drunk driving due to the possibility of convicting innocent people. Blood tests are generally considered to be the most reliable blood alcohol tests; the idea that they could be unreliable could cast further doubt on the validity of a DUI investigation. Certainly, driving drunk is an extremely dangerous, and very poor decision. Nevertheless, it is vital that all people charged with crimes have a legitimate chance to defend themselves against the accusations. Carelessness in blood testing, or worse yet someone intentionally reporting false results, is a problem that could cast even more doubt on the entire process.

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