Driver Drove Straight Through Intersection Despite Being In A Left Turn Lane

According to CBS Denver, a driver who drove straight through an intersection despite being in a left turn lane caused serious injuries to another driver. At the intersection of Lincoln and Speer, a driver, whose name has not been released, proceeded straight through the intersection in a left-turn-only lane, crashing head-on into a driver in the opposite left turn lane. The other vehicle was pushed off the road and into a light pole. The driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the car that failed to turn was slightly injured, and was ticketed in the incident. Denver Health Medical Center is just a few blocks from the site of the crash.

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In Colorado personal injury law, the term negligence is extremely important. In any case, there are three things that you need to show to be successful. On of these things is that the person or entity that you have named in your claim was negligent. Very briefly, this means that they either did something that no reasonable person would, or that they failed to do something that any reasonable person would have done. When it comes to Colorado car wrecks, this could include drunk driving, running red lights, or driving straight through an intersection out of a left turn lane, among many other things. These things are unreasonable driving behavior, and therefore may be considered negligent.

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