Cyclist Hit Near DU | Denver Hit-And-Run Crash Attorney

An arrest has been made in the case of a fatal hit-and-run crash near the campus of the University of Denver, according to 9News. The victim was an Iranian graduate student at DU, who was struck by a red or maroon SUV as it drove through a red light at University and Evans, while he walked his bicycle across on a green light. Tips to police about at least two vehicles that appeared to match the description resulted in the arrest of the owner of one of those vehicles, who has an extensive criminal history. The Colorado legislature has recently passed a bill that would toughen the penalties for hit-and-run drivers who are caught.

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Hit-and-run crashes present an obvious problem, because there is no guarantee that the driver will ever be identified, however there are things you can do to help. Writing down any details that you remember of the driver and vehicle may help police make an identification. Outside security cameras at many businesses catch the street in front of the business and can sometimes help identify the vehicle. Unfortunately, in some cases the penalty for leaving the scene of an accident, particularly if the driver has been drinking, is more severe than taking responsibility. Hopefully the new legislation will correct that. Finally, even if the driver is not identified, a Denver hit-and-run crash attorney may be able to help you receive compensation from your own insurance policy.

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