Civil Union Raises Points About Finances Of Both Partners


An opinion piece printed in the Denver Post about civil union raises some good points about the legal issues related to both marriage and civil union that people sometimes neglect to consider. The piece, which came shortly after civil unions became legal for same sex couples, discusses the legal aspects of civil union that affect the finances of both partners in the union should the relationship fail. For example, if one partner brings a home into the union, the other partner is entitled to the part, usually half, of the appreciation in the value of the home. If the partner who owns the home adds his or her partner’s name to the title, then the home becomes equally the property of the union. This means that in the event of a divorce, each partner will likely be entitled to half the value of the home.

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Colorado has joined the growing list of states that offer same sex couple a way to have their commitment legally recognized. Not surprisingly, a very large number of couple took advantage of that, joining together in civil unions in the first days that the law was in effect. It is important to recognize that when entering either a marriage or a civil union, you are entering into a legal contract. As such, it is wise to ensure that you fully understand the ramifications of entering into that contract. Obviously, there are no statistics on the divorce for same-sex couples, but a very high percentage of marriages end in divorce. It is reasonable to expect that some same sex civil unions will end in divorce as well. Additionally, an experienced Dripping Springs estate planning attorney can help you understand how this major life change will affect your future planning.

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