City of Denver to Pay a $136,000.00 Settlement

The Denver Post has reported that the City Council of Denver is “poised to agree to pay $136,000 today to settle a claim of a woman who allegedly suffered a traumatic brain injury after a Denver police officer drove his his squad car into her vehicle as it crossed a street.” The accident occurred on the 21st of June, 2008. The officer, Wilbur Hall III, it is claimed, sped into the intersection of Sixth Avenue and St. Paul Street “without emergency lights” or a siren and struck Renae Raymond’s vehicle. Raymond’s injuries at the time were life-threatening and have been life-changing. Raymond was hospitalized for over a month and sustained lasting brain injuries.

Injuries sustained in an accident involving a police car can be life-threatening. These accidents are often high speed and high impact car accidents. It is important for drivers to be on the lookout and prepared for emergency vehicles at all times. It is equally important for emergency vehicle drivers to use all precautions available to them.

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  1. We all need to be careful to look out for emergency vehicles and to avoid them the best that we can. An accident with an emergency vehicle can be devastating.