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Many people don’t quite understand what bankruptcy is, and the first thought when a company declares bankruptcy is that they failed, and are going out of business. The Denver Post is reporting that Chrysler is adding over a thousand new jobs at two factories in Detroit. After filing for bankruptcy protection in 2009, this sign that one of the major American automobile manufacturers is recovering is not only a very positive sign for the national economy, it also points to the potential benefit of bankruptcy protection for struggling businesses. Chrysler did not go out of business during their bankruptcy, they reorganized the business, which allowed them to continue operating, and now, less than three years later, Chrysler is growing again, and appears to be doing well.

Are you looking for a way to keep your struggling business open? Contact an experienced Denver bankruptcy attorney today to discuss your options.

Under Chapter 11, a business owner is able to keep the doors open, while creating a reorganization plan to keep those doors open for the long-term. Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be extremely complicated, but in the long term, many business owners find that Chapter 11 was what allowed them to keep their business, and get a fresh start after emerging from bankruptcy. What is important to realize is that while the news reports on Chapter 11 filings for major corporations like Chrysler, that isn’t because it is only those large companies that use it. Chapter 11 is an option for any business, whether or not it is incorporated, and and regardless of size. ┬áMany workers who have been laid off have needed help from a Denver debt management professional.

If you are struggling to keep the doors open on your business, there may be many options open to you. Look into everything available, including Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Denver Chapter 11 Attorneys at Custer Roberson, we have helped many businesses reorganize through Chapter 11. While you should know that there is no such thing as a sure thing, with experienced guidance and expert legal help, Chapter 11 is a good option for many business owners. For more information on our services, and a FREE CONSULTATION, contact the attorneys at Custer Roberson at (303)893-0833.

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