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One Woman Died In Accident With A Semi-Truck

  One woman died and three were injured in a collision with a semi-truck on I-70 near Glenwood Canyon, according to CBS Denver. The car apparently crossed the center line and hit the semi head-on. The driver was killed, and the three passengers, a man, a woman, and a child, were transported to Vail Valley […]

Civil Union Raises Points About Finances Of Both Partners

  An opinion piece printed in the Denver Post about civil union raises some good points about the legal issues related to both marriage and civil union that people sometimes neglect to consider. The piece, which came shortly after civil unions became legal for same sex couples, discusses the legal aspects of civil union that […]

3-Alarm Fire

  7 News reports on a 3-alarm fire that burned several units in an apartment building in fort Collins. The Buffalo Run Apartments, at Lincoln Avenue and Lemay Avenue were damaged in a fire that was first reported just before 4:00 in the morning. Poudre Fire Authority Captain Patrick Love says that no injuries have […]

Questioning The Validity Of DNA Evidence

  Attorneys for the 18-year-old accused of kidnapping and killing Jessica Ridgeway have called into question the validity of DNA evidence offered by the prosecution, according to 9 News. Attorneys for Austin Sigg became aware of three internal contamination memos within the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and have asked that those memos be made available […]

Weather-Related Auto Accidents

  A number of weather-related auto accidents resulting from the late season snow resulted in injuries, according to 9 News, although none of them appear to be life-threatening. Among the most notable accidents of the day were a crash at the interchange of I-70 and I-225 which caused the flyover ramp from westbound 70 onto […]

Mandatory Minimums: More Harm Than Good?

The Denver Post reports a scathing audit of the state concerning the treatment of convicted sex offenders in the state. By statute, sex offenders in Colorado receive mandatory treatment in prison, before they can be paroled. Currently, only about one out of every six people in Colorado prisons for sex offenses are able to begin […]

7-Yr-Old Works for Car Safety Awareness

9 News reports that child safety seat manufacturer Graco will help a little girl in her quest to get her classmates into child safety seats when riding in the car. The 7-year-old, who was hospitalized after a serious car accident, believes that her booster seat saved her life. Seeing that many of her schoolmates do […]

Housing Growth Showing Positive Signs

Flipping houses for profit was big business a few years ago, but has slowed down significantly with the poor economy. According to a report at 9 News, the last couple of years ago, however, have seen a significant rise in the number of people who have been able to successfully make a good profit flipping […]

Rash of Denver Hit and Runs

The Denver Post reports on the rash of hit-and-run accidents that have occurred across the city this year. In about a three week period at the end of March and beginning of April, four people were killed in three hit-and-run accidents in three different parts of town. On March 27, a man was killed when […]

Opinion Piece On The Dangers Of Mandatory Minimum Sentences

  Former United States Senator Robert Bennett of Utah wrote an opinion piece for the Deseret News out of Salt Lake city, in which he discusses the dangers of mandatory minimum sentences for criminal offenses. His primary point in writing the piece is that the recent trend toward involvement by the federal government in fairly […]