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Medical Implant Defects | Denver Defective Medical Product Lawyer

A concern regarding the testing and approval of of medical implant devices has been raised by Consumer Reports, according to 9 News. In recent years, there has been a good deal of talk around this issue, thanks in large part to a problem with particular type of metal hip implant, however Consumer Reports believes that […]

Medical Malpractice Information | Denver Medical Malpractice Attorney

Whenever we go to the doctor’s office, we have an expectation in our minds that we will be cared for, and treated effectively by the doctor. Of course, people understand that doctors are human like the rest of us, and like everyone else, they make mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes the mistakes that doctors make can cause […]

Operation Leaves Woman with Short Term Memory Loss – Denver Medical Malpractice Attorney

Brain injuries can occur in many different ways but no matter the cause, brain injuries are some of the most devastating and painful injuries one can endure. The website recently reported a tragic story about a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a complication during surgery. Gweneviere Mann experienced a stroke […]