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Airline to Seek Union Contract Relief | Denver Bankruptcy Attorney

According to the Denver Post, American Airlines is planning to ask the judge in their bankruptcy case to allow them to disregard the negotiated agreements with the unions if they are unable to reach an agreement to cut labor costs. The lead bankruptcy attorney for the airline says that negotiations have been handled in good […]

Kodak Files For Bankruptcy | Parker Bankruptcy Attorney

According to The Denver Post, Eastman Kodak Co. announced recently that it will stop making digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames. The 132 year old company will continue to produce disposable cameras, however. The company went under bankruptcy protection from creditors last month in a case that involves $6.7 billion in debt. […]

Parents Stressed over Children’s Student Loans | Denver Bankruptcy Attorney

According to 9 News, a common trend of personal bankruptcy is being seen with more and more parents co-signing for their children’s student loans. The article goes on to discuss a family’s individual case of multiple adversities, student loans being one of them. Bad financial advice paired with a loss of job and a bad […]

In Bankruptcy, Knowledge is Key | Parker Bankruptcy Lawyer

As part of its continuing coverage of Tom Martino’s personal bankruptcy proceedings, the Denver Post is reporting that an airplane hangar owned by Mr. Martino is going to be sold publicly as part of the liquidation of assets. According to the report, Mr. Martino does not want to sell the the hangar, but the trustee […]

Chrysler Adds 1000 Jobs | Denver Chapter 11 Attorney

Many people don’t quite understand what bankruptcy is, and the first thought when a company declares bankruptcy is that they failed, and are going out of business. The Denver Post is reporting that Chrysler is adding over a thousand new jobs at two factories in Detroit. After filing for bankruptcy protection in 2009, this sign […]

Chapter 11 For Delta Petroleum | Denver Bankruptcy Lawyer

Delta Petroleum, an oil and gas company based in Denver, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of Delaware according to the Denver Post. Delta has been having problems with finances for some time, and had been looking for a buyer or new financing. With those options having failed, they […]

American Airlines Files for Bankruptcy | Denver Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

The economy as well as the ever more expensive gas prices has made some companies struggle with trying to stay afloat. Airlines have taken a hit since the tragic aftermath of the September 11 attack, now add expensive jet fuel that has risen in price by 60 percent, and it is understandable why so many […]

Open Range Files For Chapter 11 – Denver Bankruptcy Attorney

An internet service provider called Open Range Communications recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company is located in Greenwood Village, Colorado and was secured by millions of federal dollars when it decided to file for bankruptcy. According to, after making numerous layoffs and no longer accepting new customers, the telecommunications company filed for […]