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Colorado DUI Related Car Accidents Much Higher Over Labor Day Weekend

labor day dui related colorado car accidents

13 Coloradans killed in 2012, 138 nationally.  The Labor Day holiday means a welcome three-day weekend, crowds at big annual events like Taste of Colorado, and unfortunately, a higher risk for DUI related accidents on Colorado’s roads. During the Labor Day weekend of 2012, the Colorado State Patrol reported 1400 arrests for drunk driving. That […]

Civil Union Raises Points About Finances Of Both Partners

  An opinion piece printed in the Denver Post about civil union raises some good points about the legal issues related to both marriage and civil union that people sometimes neglect to consider. The piece, which came shortly after civil unions became legal for same sex couples, discusses the legal aspects of civil union that […]

Housing Growth Showing Positive Signs

Flipping houses for profit was big business a few years ago, but has slowed down significantly with the poor economy. According to a report at 9 News, the last couple of years ago, however, have seen a significant rise in the number of people who have been able to successfully make a good profit flipping […]

Development Deal Goes Bad | Colorado Commercial Contract Dispute Lawyer

RS Holdings, LLC, a development company owned by two Colorado Springs men is facing a lawsuit brought by Northern Lights, LLC which bought a loan from ANB Bank, according to The Gazette. The suit names not only RS Holdings, but the two owners of the company, who personally guaranteed an $8.8 million loan with ANB […]