Car Crashes into Local Store due to Careless Driving – Aurora Careless Driving Attorney

Careless driving is a common theme heard in numerous car accidents. Many factors contribute to careless driving such as becoming distracted by a cell phone, lack of sleep, or not paying attention to the road or rules of the road. Careless driving can become fatally dangerous to more than just the driver committing the careless behavior. According to The Denver Post, mid morning on October 31st, a car crashed into the front of a store by accidentally pressing the gas pedal hard instead of the break. The 89 year old driver did not realize her mistake until the gas pedal was pushed and the car shot straight into the Family Dollar store located at 16981 E. Iliff Ave in Aurora. No one in the store was injured and the building did not suffer any permanent structural damage. The driver was not seriously injured but was issued a ticket for careless driving by the police. No one was injured in this case but accidentally driving a car into a building is potentially dangerous for countless amounts of people.

Have you or a family member been hurt in a car accident due to the careless driving of others? Contact a Denver careless driving attorney today to further discuss your options and legal rights.

According to the, in 2005, careless driving behaviors were responsible for killing around 54 people and seriously injuring nearly 554 additional people in accidents. Negligent driving is extremely dangerous for everyone and being aware of your surroundings and responsibilities as a driver could help save lives.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a car accident due to a negligent driver, then you need the dependable services of a professional Aurora careless driving attorney. Car accidents can be extremely traumatic and stressful for you as well as family members and finding a dedicated lawyer can be a hassle. Sommer Luther has the experience to deal with insurance companies to make sure you receive everything you are entitled to and will commit to your case. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION, contact Sommer Luther at 1-(800)517-4439.

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