“Activist” Accident Victims Finally Stop Illegal Immigrant Driver

Denver Car Accident AttorneyAs recently reported in a Denver News story, a Denver-area couple, who were victims of a car accident with an unlicensed illegal immigrant driver, finally succeeded in their quest to sideline the 24-year-old woman. The Denver car crash occurred on September 10, 2010 in Lakewood on Wadsworth Boulevard at Jewell Avenue. The victim couple were struck and injured by the illegal driver while making a left turn, and when police authorities questioned her, she produced only a Mexican passport.

Although the unlicensed driver told authorities that she was living in Colorado illegally and did not have a driver’s license, still she was not arrested and was allowed to drive her vehicle from the scene of the accident. At her court hearing, a judge banned the suspect from driving in Colorado for one year, yet he did not provide for follow-up action to ensure compliance; the judge later said he was not aware that the vehicle accident had resulted in injuries.

Unfortunately, within days after the accident, the injured couple began to observe the same unlicensed driver on the roadways in their community again. Although the rightfully-indignant couple gathered evidence including videotape and statements, local police refused to take action, citing harassment and privacy concerns.

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By taking their complaint to an investigative news reporter, the injured couple finally succeeded in stopping the illegal driver. Following the aired investigative report, public outcry was so great, that Federal immigration authorities were forced to detain the illegal driver.

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  1. It is amazing that she was allowed to leave the scene of the accident if she didn’t possess a driver’s license. Thank goodness the couple was able to obtain justice.