Seattle Bicycle Accident FAQs

Q: While riding my bicycle in Seattle, I was struck and injured by a car. I’m out of the hospital now, but I can’t pay the medical bills. What should I do?

A: The first thing you should do is call a Seattle bicycle accident attorney who can review the circumstances of the accident and advise you of the best way to obtain relief from the financial pressures that you’re now facing. Your Seattle bicycle accident attorney can quickly help you make your claim for relief, so you’ll be one step closer to financial peace of mind.

Q: Recently, my son was sideswiped by a car and knocked off his bike, causing serious injuries. How can I hold the car’s driver responsible?

A: A Seattle bicycle accident attorney can make sure that the party responsible for your son’s accident is held fully accountable for his or her actions. Although no amount of money can replace the health and safety of your loved ones, holding a responsible party accountable for the injuries suffered by your loved one can help speed the healing process for your family. Your Seattle bicycle accident attorney can put a bright spotlight on the conduct of the driver who hurt your bicyclist, as well as help you win the financial relief that you and your family deserve.

Q: When I was riding my bicycle through a Seattle supermarket parking lot recently, my wheel got stuck a pothole and I fell, breaking my arm. Now I can’t work. Can I get compensation from the supermarket’s owner?

A: Washington law generally holds the owner of a business premises responsible for maintaining the property in good repair and free of hazards and dangerous conditions. You may be entitled to compensation if you have been injured while riding a bike on private property or business premises. Your Seattle bicycle accident attorney can review and research the circumstances of your bike accident, to help encourage property owners to correct dangerous biking conditions, and to help you win the compensation to which you are entitled.

Q: I was hit by a delivery truck while riding my bike for exercise; I lost my job after missing several weeks of work. The delivery company has offered to pay me, but it’s only enough money to last for a few more weeks. What should I do?

A: Always read any documents carefully. Often, companies offer Seattle accident victims financial settlement contracts which include “fine print” that limits or reduces the actual compensation to be paid to less than the stated amount. Before signing anything, it is best to contact a Seattle bicycle accident attorney to help review the particulars of your bike accident and work on your behalf so that you will receive the best possible settlement for your accident.

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