Questions and Answers about Seattle Head Injury Accidents

Q: Yesterday during my son’s football practice at a Seattle-area high school, he was hit on the head pretty hard by another player. The school doctor said he’s OK, but today my son seems groggy and confused. Now the school wants me to sign a paper saying that they’re not responsible for the incident during his football practice. What should I do?

A: The first step is always to seek qualified medical help for anyone who may have suffered a head injury. If the accident is serious, only move the injured person if absolutely necessary. Anytime head, neck, or back injuries are suspected, wait for professional medical personnel to move the injured person safely. After ensuring competent medical treatment and making sure your family is OK, next you should contact a Seattle personal injury attorney to review the circumstances of the accident before signing anything.

Q: Without my permission, one of our neighbors was playing roughly with my baby daughter and he dropped her, badly bruising her head. I can’t take her to the clinic here in Seattle because I don’t have health insurance. Help!

A: The health of a child is always the highest priority. Following any accident involving a possible head injury, you should always have your child examined by a doctor. If you have no insurance, you should still immediately take your child to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. After attending to your child’s needs, you’ll be in a better frame of mind to consider the next step, which is to contact a Seattle personal injury lawyer to discuss your options and help you seek relief for your child or other family member.

Q: I’ve heard that head injuries can be “cumulative.” What does that mean?

A: Some types of head injuries, such as concussions from blows to the head, are indeed cumulative in their effects. That is, each individual impact to the head has a minimal effect, yet together the accumulated damage from the multiple impacts can be quite serious.

Q: While enjoying a day at the local public swimming pool, I slipped and fell on the concrete walkway and hurt my head. The accident happened two weeks ago, and I’ve been suffering daily headaches since then. Could my fall be causing these headaches?

A: Yes, your fall and the resulting blow to your head may indeed be causing your recurring headaches. Injuries to the head can cause a variety of symptoms, some of them quite serious. These symptoms may require specialized medical treatment. If you’re experiencing headaches or other worrisome symptoms after any head injury, you should seek appropriate medical care. And, if the head injury was the result of negligence by someone else, you should also contact a Seattle injury attorney for advice on how to proceed.

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