Questions and Answers about Accidents Involving Uninsured Seattle Motorists

Q: While driving to work in Seattle, I was hit by a driver who doesn’t have insurance. I have been off work with a leg injury for the past two weeks. What can I do now?

A: Immediately after any Seattle accident with injuries, call for police and medical help. Next, you should contact someone who can help you deal with the aftermath of the Seattle accident. Any auto accident involving an uninsured driver should be reviewed by a Seattle, Washington lawyer who has experience dealing with accidents resulting from uninsured drivers.

Q: My wife was involved in a Seattle accident with an uninsured motorist, and I am still focused on caring for her. How long do I have to file a claim against the motorist?

A: In Washington, you generally must file your personal injury claim within three years of the date of the accident. Once this statute of limitations has passed, you will generally not be able to make a claim for injuries. However, you should also be aware that if your claim involves a government-owned vehicle or government employee, you may have only 180 days in which to file your complaint. So, as soon as possible after the accident, it is best to contact a Washington attorney familiar with the laws that may apply to your case.

Q: My son was seriously injured in an accident with an uninsured driver on Interstate 25 near Seattle. Even though I thought I had insurance coverage against uninsured drivers, the insurance company has now told me that some of the medical bills aren’t covered. What should I do?

A: Although basic insurance coverage is mandatory in Washington, not all insurance policies cover all costs. If you are facing medical bills and other unexpected expenses after an encounter with an uninsured driver in the Seattle area, you should contact a Seattle, Washington attorney to help you seek relief from your financial burdens.

Q: When I was rear-ended by an uninsured driver a few days ago, I hit my head very hard against the steering wheel. At first I felt OK, but now I’m suffering from headaches and dizziness. Could this be a result of my accident?

A: Yes, unfortunately it is possible for head injuries and some other types of serious injuries to only show themselves after an accident, sometimes long after an accident. It is important to determine if your accident has indeed caused these symptoms. If you or anyone involved in an accident in Seattle later suffers unexplained pains or other after-effects, you should seek medical attention and consult with a qualified Seattle, Washington attorney to help explore your options for long-term relief.

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