Propane Tanker Versus Geo Metro, Leaves One Man Dead

Whether you refer to them at big rigs, semi’s or eighteen wheelers commercial vehicles are an important part of The United States. The US relies heavily on the trucking industry to bring goods and produce into the state and transport products produced in and out of state. It is not uncommon to see a large truck when commuting because a large number of commercial trucks travel through each state every day. These trucks can have some negative effects for drivers. By adding to the overall traffic volume but also adding a unique type of traffic it is important to remember safe driving around commercial vehicles. There are many different factors that can cause a motor vehicle collision with a semi-truck.

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Fatal Commercial Vehicle Accidents in the News

According to News, there was a fatal accident on Walt Disney World property. Florida’s highway patrol reported that there was a crash involving a large propane gas truck and a small passenger car. The two motor vehicles crashed in a head-on collision on Bear Island Road and Car Care Drive. The passenger of the Geo metro was headed southbound when the driver lost control of his car and went into the northbound lane. Medical examiners question if a medical episode is to be to blame for the drivers sudden lane change and driving behavior. The Geo metro driver lost his life due to the crash. There was no explosion from the crash and the propane tank remained full and not leaking gas. Police shut down the road to investigate the crash more avidly.

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Commercial Vehicle Drivers

It is not uncommon to see a commercial vehicle on the road. These motor vehicles make up 12% of The United States traffic on the roadways according to Some interesting facts about truck drivers is that they are only legally allowed to driver for 11 hours. Truck drivers are required to take a 10 hour break after driving those 10 hours. Also many people are shocked to learn that despite sitting higher than other vehicles, commercial vehicle drivers are still highly effected negatively by fog lights and high beam lights. Eighteen wheelers drivers have to go through special training to earn a Commercial Driver’s License. Although these drivers are trained and under strict restrictions about driving under the influence or while tired accidents with eighteen wheelers do occur. There are many precautions set in place to make sure that a driver is transporting goods in a economical fashion.  Some victims of trucking accidents have needed the help of a Dripping Springs Bankruptcy Attorney.

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