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Same Driver Causes Another Fatal Crash | Seattle Aggressive Driving Accident Attorney


According to the Seattle Times, the driver of an SUV that rear-ended a Hyundai Elantra on Lake City Way, killing both occupants of the smaller vehicle, had been involved in a fatal aggressive driving incident in 2009 as well. At that time, the Daniel Habeeb caused a fatal accident for which he was tried on [...]

Three Car Crash Kills Two


Street racing is believed to be the cause of a crash that killed two people in Kent. King5 is reporting that the accident happened early Sunday morning on State route 516 in Kent. Troopers believe that a 40-year-old Renton man caused a 24-year-old Yakima woman to lose control of her car. She died at the [...]

Car Crash Injures Four People


A woman injured four people on Tuesday when she crashed her car through a store front. Kiro 7 is reporting that the woman told police that her foot slipped and hit the accelerator when trying to park. The accident occurred shortly after noon on Tuesday on Lopez Island. Two people in the store suffered lacerations [...]