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Voluntary Limits on Touchscreens in Cars

CBS Denver reports that the United States Department of Transportation is seeking voluntary limits on how the use of touchscreens on built in devices in new cars. Many late model automobiles come with touchscreen sound systems, GPS units, and other devices built into the dash. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, along with National Highway Traffic Safety […]

Tragic Car Wreck Kills Boy

A tragic car wreck on I-70 between Silvethorne and the Eisenhower tunnel left one dead, according to 9 News. A child, an eleven year old boy, was thrown out of the back seat of a car and killed when the vehicle rolled. His father, who was driving the car, said that he told his son […]

Automobile Manufacturers Are Trying To Make Driving Less Distracting

9 News reports that a number of automobile manufacturers are trying to make driving less distracting in this age of technology. For example, Chevrolet announced that a couple of models, the Spark and Sonic, will feature a technology that will allow text to voice and voice to text translation for drivers with compatible iPhones. Chevrolet […]