Woman Who Lost Her Home In The Waldo Canyon Fire Near Colorado Springs Has Filed A Lawsuit Against Her Insurance Company

A woman who lost her home in the Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs has filed a lawsuit against her insurance company and agent according to the Denver Post. The woman said that she spoke to her agent some time before the fir asking if he could match a monthly premium offered by another insurance company. The woman says that she asked for her deductible to be raised in order to lower her premium, but instead the agent lowered her fire coverage. When she lost her home in the Waldo Canyon Fire, she did not have enough coverage and could not afford to rebuild her home. She believes that the policy was drafted negligently.

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When you buy an insurance policy, you expect that when you need help, it will be there. Everyone sees two sides to insurance companies: the helpful friend that is advertised on television, and the frustrating hassle that you get when you call them. The insurance company wants you to pay them to cover your needs, but the fact is that the more money they pay back out, the smaller their profit margin. In most cases, they pay out on claims as proscribed by the policies that they sell, but when a large claim is filed, sometimes, the company is not there for you.

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