Rollover Accident Sends Mother and Baby to Hospital


A rollover accident that occurred on I-25 resulted in sending a mother and child to the hospital. Reports from the Coloradoan stated that, the white Honda CR-V was driving reckless on the highway before losing control and flipping several times. Luckily, the driver and her child were both wearing seat belts when they were extracted from their vehicle; however, they were both transported to a medical center for treatment where the child is suspected to be okay and the mother suffers serve injuries. This accident resulted in causing another incident to occur since baby items and other car items were scattered along the highway and traffic drastically slowed. The causes for the accident are still unknown and further investigation into whether drugs and alcohol were involved is still being determined.

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It is important that vehicle drivers know the proper safety seating regulations for young passengers. Babies should be placed in a rear facing seat until they reach a year old or weight over 20 pounds. Toddlers should be seated in a front facing seat until age four or until they weight over 40 pounds. Young children ages 4-8 should be seated in a booster until they reach a height of 4’9’’. When children have reached the age of 12 they are allowed to sit in the passenger seat while wearing a seat belt.

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  1. Rollover accidents can be deadly. It is absolutely necessary for all children to be in car seats or booster seats in order to survive these deadly crashes.