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The Coloradoan has reported about a woman who was injured after being hit by a vehicle late Saturday night. The accident occurred around 11:12pm in Fort Collins on Plum Street near City Park Avenue. The 21 year old pedestrian was walking along the road when a 1995 Isuzu attempted to stop but was unable to and struck her. Reports indicate that the driver was not speeding, distracted, or driving while intoxicated. However, the pedestrian was not at an intersection or within painted lines and may have been drinking prior to the collision. The pedestrian was taken to a local hospital with some mild injuries. The police closed down Plum for some time in order to investigate the scene further and are asking for any witnesses to come forward. No charges have been filed yet regarding the case.

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Pedestrian accidents are extremely dangerous and can often result in severe injuries or even fatal injuries. Always using intersection designated crosswalks is critical due to the number of accidents that result when these are overlooked or violated. It is because of this that it is extremely important to follow proper pedestrian laws and regulations. Drivers as well as pedestrians need to take responsibility to keep the roads safe from tragic accidents by following all traffic rules.

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