Fort Collins Driver Kills 23-Year-Old in Head On Collision


Daniel Derby, 29, Fort Collins has been charged with a variety of crimes after he drove his Honda sedan head-on into oncoming traffic. The Fort Collins car accident occurred off of Timberline Road and caused serious injuries to those involved. Derby was traveling southbound when he crossed lanes, side-swiped a vehicle, and ran head-on into a Ford Explorer. Twenty-three year old Jessica Whipple was transported, along with Derby, to a nearby medical hospital. Whipple suffered major trauma and later died due to the extent of her injuries. Derby is being held on a variety of accounts which include driving under the influence and vehicular assault, according to an article by the Denver Post.

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Over 1.7 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries every year. These injuries can cause permanent disabilities, chronic pain, and even death. Motor vehicle accidents are responsible for over 17% of all brain injuries that occur and result in the highest number of deaths. Due to the nature of these injuries, traumatic brain injury victims often need extraordinary amounts of compensation to account for a lifetime of disability. As such, a Fort Collins car accident attorney is needed to fight insurance companies and ensure that you and your family are prepared for the future.

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One Response to “Fort Collins Driver Kills 23-Year-Old in Head On Collision”

  1. Head on collisions are sadly fatal in many cases. It is unfortunate that this poor woman lost her life in such a tragic way.