City Officials Aim to Reduce Pedestrian Collisions | Fort Collins Pedestrian Accident Attorney


The local news of The Coloradoan has reported that pedestrian related accidents are increasing along the streets of Fort Collins. The article reports that vehicle accidents involving a pedestrian has doubled in recent years and is up to 9 percent of all accidents within the city. Even though, these accidents make up a small number in comparison to vehicle-vehicle or vehicle-bicycle accidents, city officials are highly concerned about the steady increase. The city board will be looking into increased public safety by assessing data of heavy pedestrian traffic areas with deficient crosswalks and signals. This could mean more painted lines signaling a crossing or flashing lights to capture the drivers attention. Due to a high number of pedestrians, especially around Colorado State University, it is important to implement and enforce good pedestrian laws and regulations.

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Pedestrian accidents can lead to very serious personal injuries and even fatal injuries. Drivers also need to be aware of pedestrian laws, such as vehicles must yield when a pedestrian is present because pedestrians always have the right of way in a crosswalk. It is extremely important to follow all pedestrian laws and only cross streets in a designated crosswalk.

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