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Woman Who Lost Her Home In The Waldo Canyon Fire Near Colorado Springs Has Filed A Lawsuit Against Her Insurance Company

A woman who lost her home in the Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs has filed a lawsuit against her insurance company and agent according to the Denver Post. The woman said that she spoke to her agent some time before the fir asking if he could match a monthly premium offered by another insurance [...]

Make-Up Causes Minivan Crash | Fort Collins Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer


CBS Denver reports that a woman driving on I-25 near Fort Collins drove into a wire fence along the highway while putting on make-up. Jennifer Lamblin was driving a Honda Oddysey with six passengers, including five children at the time of the accident. The man in the passenger seat, the only other adult in the [...]

Choosing a Fort Collins Car Accident Attorney


For several successive years, Fort Collins, Colorado was voted one of the nation’s best places to live, and with good reason. Our city and region offer abundant resources and a high quality of life, and the residents in our local communities also benefit from the strong traffic-safety-education leadership of knowledgeable Fort Collins car accident lawyers. [...]

Filing for Disability Benefits After a Fort Collins Accident


The unthinkable has happened. You were seriously injured in a Fort Collins accident and it has significantly impacted your life. You cannot work, at least until you are rehabilitated, and you must now file for disability benefits to help support you during this painful time.   Types of Disability Benefits: There are typically two types [...]

Young Risk-Takers Climb—And Fall!


According to a recent report from the Fort Collins Climbing News, a new “climbing wall” built at Colorado State University (CSU) has already generated much publicity and several injuries, with more expected. Large crowds, presumably containing many young, inexperienced climbers in search of thrills, have attended the opening of the climbing attraction, which is operated [...]

Fort Collins Pedestrian Accident FAQs


Q: A couple days ago I was hit while crossing the street in downtown Fort Collins. If I choose to file a law suit for my Fort Collins pedestrian accident, what can I receive compensation for? A: If you were injured in a pedestrian accident in the Fort Collins area you may file a law suit to be reimbursed [...]

Fort Collins Truck Accident FAQs


Q: Recently I was involved in a Fort Collins trucking accident and sustained serious injuries. The lawyers from the trucking company have called and offered me a settlement. Should I take the settlement or contact an attorney to discuss my options? A: It is always in your best interest to contact an experienced trucking accident attorney in [...]

Fort Collins Car Accident FAQs

Q: When should you report a Fort Collins automobile accident? A: In Fort Collins, all motor vehicle accidents should be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities immediately. The sooner you can report the accident the better and in most situations, you should wait until the police arrive before leaving the scene of the accident.

Fort Collins Motorcycle Accident FAQs


  Q: A few days ago I was involved in a Fort Collins motorcycle accident, but wasn’t wearing my helmet, does this make a difference? A: Not wearing your helmet may or may not make a difference. If not wearing a helmet did not cause or aggravate injuries, you may be able to obtain the maximum compensation [...]

Fort Collins Bicycle Accidents FAQs


Q: While riding my bicycle in Fort Collins, I was struck and injured by a car. I’m out of the hospital now, but I can’t pay the medical bills. What should I do? A: The first thing you should do is call a Fort Collins bicycle accident attorney who can review the circumstances of the accident and [...]