Brain Injuries in Car Accidents

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Statistically speaking, most people will be in a car accident at some time in their lives. With over 5 million traffic accidents occurring in the country each year, and roughly 250 million drivers, the odds of any given person being involved in one are very high. The good news is, the vast majority of these car accidents only result in relatively minor property damage, with no injuries. In fact, most people, although they will be involved in at least one car crash, will never suffer a major injury in one. Unfortunately, because some accidents occur at high speed, and with cars traveling in different directions, the forces involved do sometimes result in catastrophic injuries.

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One of the injuries that often occurs in auto accidents is traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injury occurs when the brain makes contact with the skull, resulting in bruising or bleeding in the brain. Because the brain is a sensitive organ that, frankly, doctors don’t fully understand, these injuries often result in the need for medical care extending months or even years into the future. This medical care can become extremely expensive, far exceeding the limits of car insurance policies. In these cases, the injured person may be entitled to recover compensation for these medical bills.

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