Apartment Fire At The Apple Valley East Townhomes

An apartment fire at the Apple Valley East Townhomes in Aurora was reported shortly before 1:00 in the morning, according to Fox 31 Denver. A child died in the fire, and two other people were transported to the hospital with minor injuries. Later in the morning, the Red Cross Disaster Action Team responded with help for a family who was put out by the fire. It was at about the same time that the Aurora Fire Department confirmed that the fatality was a child. The cause of the fire has not been publicly released.

Has a fire at your apartment put you out of your home? Contact an experienced Denver premises liability attorney today to discuss your options.

Fires happen from time to time, of course, and in many cases there is nothing that the property owner can do to prevent the ones that do occur. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, there are over 90,000 apartment fires annually across the United States. While most of these result in no injuries, there are several thousand people injured each year, and hundreds of civilians die in apartment fires every year. In many cases, the cause of the fire is carelessness with cigarettes, stoves, or other sources of fire or heat. However, there are cases each year where failure by a property owner to maintain furnaces, electrical firing, or gas or electrical appliances in good working order cause apartment fired.

Contact an experienced Colorado premises liability attorney today if you believe that your apartment fire was caused by negligent maintenance on the part of the landlord. No matter what neighborhood you live in, or what your rent is, the owner of your apartment is required to maintain a reasonably safe place for your family to live. Unfortunately, not every landlord lives up to this standard, and people get hurt. Many Colorado personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you pay a fee only after they successfully recover compensation for your damages. For more information, speak with a Colorado premises liability lawyer today.

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