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The widow of a man killed in an avalanche inside Winter Park ski area is suing the ski area’s owner, according to a report in the Denver Post. The man died on January 22 of this year, after being buried under three feet of snow by an avalanche. By the time he was found at the end of the day, he had already died. The forecast for the day had warned of avalanche danger, and the portion of the ski area where the man was killed fit the description of the kinds of terrain to avoid. Attorneys for the man’s widow believe that Intrawest, the owner of the ski area, should be held responsible for the fact that terrain that was susceptible to avalanche danger was not closed off until the danger subsided. They believe that failing to heed the avalanche danger amounted to negligence.

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Of course, skiing is a potentially dangerous pastime, and when buying a lift ticket people are generally accepting liability for that inherent danger. But that liability waiver is not absolute. It is not absolve the ski area of all responsibility for harm that may come to its patrons. Any business has an obligation to make sure that consumers are reasonably safe. While there is a reasonable assumption of risk in skiing, the ski area is responsible for, for example, closing off portions of their terrain that they have reason to believe will be especially dangerous at a given time.

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