Traffic Fatalities Increasing Among Teen Drivers | Denver Vehicle Accident Attorney

According to 9 News, a recent report indicates that tragic teenage fatalities due to car accidents are steadily increasing. The Governors Highway Safety Association researched the deaths of 16 and 17year old drivers through the first six month period of 2011 and discovered an 11 percent increase over the previous year. This increase is believed to be because more teenage drivers are thought to be on the road due to recent economic growth. Also attributed to the accidents are driving programs that are becoming less effective as the years pass. Not all states saw an increase, however, some state’s data saw a decrease or no change at all. Even though this study only covers six months of data, the results prove to be a cautionary tail for all young drivers to take their driving responsibilities seriously.

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Cell phones, texting, and other passengers in the vehicle are all distractions that can cause a teenage driver to pay less attention to the road. Many new laws have been established in recent years in order to address the issue of teenage driving accidents. Less passengers allowed in the vehicle, more aggressive driving courses, and more hours logged before obtaining a license have all helped minimize tragic teenage traffic accidents.

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