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A survey that was taken for a national insurance company by Harris Interactive suggests that about 57% of sixteen and seventeen year old drivers in the United States have texted while driving at least once according to 9 News. Distracted driving, and specifically texting and driving, is a problem that has received a good deal of national attention in recent years. The Harris survey did show that most teenage drivers believe that a person who makes a habit of texting and driving will probably be in a car accident as a result, and well over half said that they believe those who text and drive regularly are likely to be killed in a car accident. One aspect of the survey that may be highly significant is that 67% of teenagers who text and drive said that their parents talk to them often about safe driving. Among teenage drivers who do not text and drive, that percentage increases to 82%. This suggests that, as a parent, regular communication with teenagers about their driving is a very good way to protect their safety when they drive.

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The US government has an official website for the problem of distracted driving, distraction.gov. According to distraction.gov, driver distraction was involved in almost 450,000 injuries in traffic accidents in 2009, with over 5000 resulting fatalities. They also include interesting facts, such as in the time it takes to send an average text message, a car will travel more than the length of a football field at 55 mph. Without looking at the road, a lot can happen in that distance. Also, using a cell phone significantly slows reaction time, even if the phone has a hands-free device. These facts say a lot about the danger that distracted driving represents not only to the distracted driver, but to everyone around him or her.

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