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DUI Suspected in Off Duty Officer Motorcycle Crash | Colorado Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

According to the local news of The Denver Post, an off duty police officer is under suspicion of DUI in a motorcycle crash that left severe personal injuries as well as a suspension for the cop. The accident occurred on February 11th around 1:20am on 38th Street and Arkins Court. The officer, Michael Lemmons, lost […]

Three Pedestrians Injured Due to Icy Roads | Lakewood Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Left over snow and ice on residential and side roads can be extremely dangerous, especially with more snow and cold weather in the forecast. According to 9 News, a vehicle lost control on some ice in a Lakewood neighborhood and hit three young pedestrians. Witnesses claim that the entire street is covered with sheets of […]

I-25 Shut Down for a Multiple Car Accident | Colorado Personal Injury Attorney

Traffic accidents involving more than one vehicle can increase the chances of injury very quickly. According to 9 News, a multiple car accident on 1-25 caused some serious injuries as well as severe traffic delays for many other motorists. The accident occurred around 3:15pm on Saturday in the southbound lanes of I-25 at Colfax Avenue. […]

Truck Slides on Ice Along I-25 | Westminster Truck Accident Attorney

Denver Car Accident Lawyer

CBS News has reported about a dangerous highway accident on Thursday evening, that closed all lanes of traffic along Interstate 25. The accident occurred on an on-ramp to southbound I-25 at 144th Avenue and quickly intensified when it moved onto the highway. While entering the highway via the on-ramp, a Toyota Tacoma truck lost control […]

Bus Accident Leaves Man Severely Injured | Denver Public Transportation Accident Attorney

According to CBS News, a man traveling by bus was ran over and severely injured after slipping upon exiting the bus. The accident occurred at a bus stop located at West Colfax Avenue and Mariposa Street in Denver. The man slipped immediately after getting off the bus and fell under the Regional Transportation District bus […]

Pedestrian Involved in Fatal Hit and Run | Lakewood Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Vehicles often have a hard time seeing pedestrians, especially at night. Pedestrians need to be extra careful when walking along side the road. According to The Denver Post, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle that did not stop. The incident occurred around 10pm in Lakewood on West 10th Avenue near Sheridan Boulevard. […]

Hit-And-Run Collision Injures Two | Denver Auto Accident Lawyer

According to 9 News, two pedestrians were struck by a hit and run vehicle in Denver on Monday night. The accident occurred at 10:30p.m. at the intersection of East Colfax Avenue and Ogden Street. Both pedestrians involved in the collision were taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. The vehicle did not stop to […]

Dangerous Vehicle-Bicycle Collision | Littleton Bicycle Accident Attorney

It is important to follow all rules and regulations of the road, especially as a pedestrian, in order to avoid dangerous collisions. According to FOX 31 News, an accident between a bicycle and a vehicle ended in serious injuries on Friday. The accident occurred in Littleton at West Mineral Avenue and South Mineral Court when […]

Headphones Linked to Fatal Vehicle-Pedestrian Accidents | Denver Pedestrian Accident Attorney

According to 9 News, there has been a connection made between wearing headphones and fatal vehicle-pedestrian collisions. Colorado state patrol reports that wearing headphones is dangerous for drivers due to being unable to hear on-coming trains or emergency sirens. Although wearing headphones while driving is illegal, wearing headphones as a pedestrian is not. Pedestrians also […]

Harsh Weather Creates Many Traffic Accidents | Front Range Car Crash Lawyer

Denver Car Accident Lawyer

The local news station of 9 News reported that Wednesday’s snow storm brought a lot of slow moving traffic and traffic accidents as well as low temperatures and snow. Many morning commuters were backed up for hours on their drive to work during the mild January snowfall. There were various accidents and pile ups on […]