Roll Over Car Crash on 50th Street

Tampa Bay Online reported that a woman was seriously injured in a car crash on 50th street under Interstate 4. When police reported to the scene one car was on its side. The police reported that it was a two car crash. In the one vehicle that was overturned there was a woman and her two children. The older child suffered minor injuries and was treated on site, the younger child was not injured in the crash. All three were reported as having been wearing their seat belts. The woman was transported to the hospital for her injuries. The driver in the other was ticketed and charged with reckless driving. The second driver was hospitalized but with minor injuries.

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A car accident can happen to anyone

There are over 5 million car accidents a year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2010 among passenger vehicles involved in rural fatal crashes, SUVs experienced the highest rollover percentage at 42% compared to 33% for pickup trucks. Rollover percentages for both vans and passenger cars was at a low 22%. There are warnings in many vehicles that have higher rates of rollover accidents. Making sure to decrease your speed around corners can help reduce your risk of a rollover accident no matter what size car you drive. The rollover rates for passenger vehicles in urban areas were much lower: 22% reported for SUVs, 17% for pickup trucks, 10% for vans, and 9% for passenger cars. However, there has been a declining rate of rollover fatality crashes for all the above types of vehicles since 2001. Fatal crashes in 2010 accounted for 22,187 passenger vehicle occupants. Rural areas account for 61% of these fatalities. Fatal accidents that occur in rural areas are mainly due to occupants being unrestrained in the vehicle, 53% in rural areas compared to 48% in urban areas.

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Who do I turn to if I was responsible for a car accident?

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