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Coloradans are all too familiar with the sudden weather changes that may occur on a daily basis in and around the Denver metro area. Being prepared for inclement weather is top priority for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). According to the Denver Post, CDOT held a fall meeting where snow removal efficiency was the topic. CDOT maintains more than 900 pieces of snow-removal equipment, including 102 snow plows, that will be utilized during harsh conditions. Of these plows, 42 are equipped with high-tech devices that allow crews to input current weather conditions that help regulate what kind of de-icer chemical is required. Conquering winter weather is a difficult necessity in Colorado. CDOT has planned more than $64 million for winter maintenance this upcoming season, with $7.8 million of that going just to the Denver areas. CDOT is preparing to do all that they can during the winter months to keep the roads safe but it is essential to implement safe driving skills while the snow is falling as well.

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With winter being just around the corner and snow inevitably in the forecast, car accidents are likely to increase. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, knowing road conditions in advance, understanding your car’s ability, use of proper driving skills for the weather you find yourself in, and having the right emergency gear and equipment along with you in the car, can help during emergencies. CDOT also lists tips while driving in snowy weather such as, slowing down, proper windshield wiper fluid, and providing room for snow plows. More tips can be found at the CDOT website.

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