Many Potholes Seen Throughout City Roads | Denver Car Accident Lawyer

According to CBS Local News, potholes are increasingly common this time of year. Periods of cold and warm weather patterns causes asphalt to expand and contract creating dangerous potholes throughout the streets of Colorado. The article claims that workers are repairing between 300 and 400 potholes a day and generally fills in around 100,000 potholes a year. Even though workers are out in force, it is difficult with longer periods of warm weather that increases the number of potholes. Denver Public Works says drivers can help them manage problem areas by calling 311 and reporting potholes.

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Potholes can be extremely harmful to your vehicle, causing many dangerous damages such as flat tires and alignment problems. These issues can cause any car on the road to become difficult to manage and even become out of control. It is extremely important to always pay attention and be aware of unexpected obstacles on the road in order to keep yourself and others around you safe.

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