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Fox 31 news reports that the Lower North Fork Fire, which started as a controlled burn that got out of control, reached a size of over 4000 acres and most likely resulted in millions of dollars worth of damage. An apology to the homeowners who lost their homes was issued by the Colorado Forest Service, as they accepted responsibility for the fire. There is at least the potential that the state could be sued by those who lost property in the fire, which brings up the issue of tort reform and damage caps. In 1987, the cap on damages was raised from $400,000 to $600,000 after road workers dislodged a boulder which fell on a bus full of people. Because the damage cap is a total, which had to be divided among all of the injured parties, the decision was made to raise the cap. That cap has not been raised in the 25 years since. This means that if the homeowners affected by the Lower North Fork Fire successfully sue the state, the maximum damages that could be awarded would be $600,000 and would be divided among all victims.

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The issue of tort reform comes up regularly in the legislature, so this fire makes a good opportunity to think about what tort reform means. According to University of Denver Law Professor Tom Russell, in his interview for the Fox 31 article, said that tort reform means “that injured people who need money to rebuild their lives cannot get that money.”

Of course, what everyone would hope for is that all of the people who lost their homes had insurance, and that their policies will cover the damage. Unfortunately, this is not always the way it works out. Insurance companies know that the less they pay on claims, the more profit they turn. In some cases, they may try to pay less than the full value of claims in order to make more money for themselves. An experienced Denver insurance bad faith lawyer may be able to help recover the full value of an insurance claim. Insurance companies are obligated to act in good faith to pay valid claims, but sometimes, they choose profitability over their legal obligations.

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