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The local news station of 9 News reported that Wednesday’s snow storm brought a lot of slow moving traffic and traffic accidents as well as low temperatures and snow. Many morning commuters were backed up for hours on their drive to work during the mild January snowfall. There were various accidents and pile ups on the highways and side streets that kept traffic at a stand still. Ice that had built up on streets due to low over night temperatures combined with the morning snowfall made for slippery conditions for many vehicles. Even snow plows had a difficult time with the ice and some were seen sliding off of the road. Winter weather will continue for the Front Range area for a few months yet, utilizing safe driving behaviors during winter weather advisory is well-advised.

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Take care when driving during inclement weather in order to keep yourself and others on the road safe. Harsh weather conditions are common for the Denver metro area, especially during the winter months. With inclement weather comes difficult driving conditions. Driving during a snow storm or on icy roads is always going to bring traffic accidents and injuries.

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