Firetruck Hits Car While Responding to a Call | Aurora Auto Accident Lawyer

Laws and speed limits are provided on roads and highways for the safety of the general public as well as emergency first responders. According to 9 News, a vehicle was struck by a firetruck that was responding to a call in Aurora. The incident occurred around 5p.m. on 6th Avenue and Oakland Street. A woman in a Toyota was weaving in and out of slowing cars when she saw the firetruck approaching. The woman sideswiped two other vehicles on the road in order to avoid the upcoming firetruck. The collisions with these vehicles launched the Toyota back in front of the firetruck where it was struck head on. The driver of the Toyota was taken to a local hospital but no other injuries were reported. The accident is still being investigated for suspected DUI and other charges against the driver.

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Slowing down for emergency vehicles is important for all drivers to utilize. Drivers are urged to take defensive driving classes in order to fully understand the law and follow all rules. Defensive driving skills can be taught in driving courses throughout the U.S. and provide the driver with the ability and confidence to maintain good driving habits such as what to do when an emergency vehicle is approaching.

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