Dog Attack Leaves Multiple Injuries | Denver Dog Bite Attorney

Dogs that attack are very dangerous and a nuisance to the general public. Dog owners should be aware of how to maintain control of their pet at all times. According to The Denver Post, a woman and two other people were viciously attacked by two stray dogs on Friday. The attack occurred in Aurora near the Buckley Air Force base and resulted in all three people suffering from dog bite injuries. One victim also had a small dog with her that was attacked and sent to a veterinary office with multiple bites and puncture wounds. The victims are all expected to recover from their injuries but the emotional damages can still be considerable. The two dogs were found the next day dead along E-470 presumably hit by a car. Police are still investigating into the owners of the dogs involved in these brutal attacks.

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Due to premises liability, dog owners are required to keep their property restrained properly in order to maintain public safety. has reported that each day in the U.S. around 1,000 people require medical care due to a dog bite injury. Because animal attacks are so damaging to everyone involved, it is the responsibility of the owner of the dog to make sure these attacks do not happen.

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