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If you have been in business as a contractor for a while, you are very familiar with the bidding process, and the different strategies that might need to be used to bid on different projects. The bidding process can get complicated, especially on private projects where the bidding rules may be more complex than with public projects. While settling on a bid to submit for a project may be part art, part science and part intuition, the legal contract that is involved once a bid is accepted can become a big responsibility. Once you submit a bid, you of course want your bid to be accepted so that you can get to work, and sustain or grow your business.

Unfortunately, problems can arise during the bidding process. Sometimes there may be reason to believe that the bids were not evaluated fairly. Details of the project sometimes change after the invitation to submit a bid, which may change the nature of the bid. And of course, there is always the possibility that your company made an error in your bid. Any of these issues has the potential to create a dispute over the bid or even the bidding process. These disputes can become extremely contentious, as well as very complicated.

If you are involved in a bidding dispute over a construction project, you need to speak with an experienced Colorado construction attorney immediately. An attorney can help evaluate your bid and the bidding process, and help you determine how to proceed. In many cases, this can be handled through mediation. Jeffrey Knoll is an experienced trial attorney who is dedicated to construction litigation issues. He has helped many contractors resolve issues through mediation, but also has the skills needed to take a case to trial if necessary. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION contact Jeff at (303)985-1185.

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