Denver woman hospitalized after Carbon Monoxide Exposure – Denver Premises Liability Attorney

An elderly Denver woman was hospitalized this weekend due to carbon monoxide exposure in her home according to The On the morning of Sunday October 7th, firefighters responded to a call of a woman feeling ill. Upon searching the Denver home, the firefighters on site discovered that the house contained highly hazardous levels of carbon monoxide. The source of the deadly carbon monoxide levels appeared to be a faulty “old furnace”. The firefighters stated the residence did not contain a carbon monoxide detector and fans were used to aid in the removal of the carbon monoxide buildup within the home. The victim was taken to a local hospital for further treatment; no updates on her condition have been made available.

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Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless and poisonous gas that affects many residents due to furnaces, generators, gas heaters, and motor vehicles. According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2005, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 61,100 carbon monoxide instances in which carbon monoxide was detected. As of July 1, 2009, the Colorado State Legislature passed a bill requiring that carbon monoxide alarms be installed in residential properties. Carbon monoxide poisoning is preventable and with the right action can be managed.  Owners of rental property have a legal obligation to their tenants to provide a safe environment.  Tenants who have been injured in an unsafe living situation may have a legal claim against their landlords.

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