Denver RTD Bus Hits Pedestrian | Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

Pedestrian accidents can be very dangerous and devastating when large vehicles are involved. That is why following the rules as a pedestrian is extremely important. The local station of Fox 31 News has reported about a man that was injured in Denver after being hit and ran over by a public RTD bus. The accident, which occurred on E. Colfax Avenue near High Street, left the man trapped under the bus for some time. Emergency personnel worked to rescue the man while traffic was blocked in both directions on E. Colfax Ave. Witnesses at the scene reported that the man was waiting at a bus stop when the RTD bus made a routine stop. The man did not board the bus but instead fell in front of the bus which lead to his leg being pinned under the bus. The man was taken to a local hospital in severe condition. Officials are still investigating the incident.

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According to the Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA), public transportation statistics show buses to be the cause of about 51,500 traffic accidents in 2006. The total amount of vehicle crashes for that year was nearly 6,000,000. Public transportation is useful in many ways such as cutting down on traffic, traffic accidents, and even pollution. It is typically a very reliable and safe mode of transportation especially in big city areas.

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